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   Attrib. John Sell Cotman

Ref: 91 NM

Landscape with trees and rocks with two figures
Inscribed John Sell Cotman
49 x 29 cms oval

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Ref: 94 NM

Trees with sea in background
18th century English
34 x 18 cms

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Ref: 98 NM

Fishing boats at low tide in sunset

18 x 10 cms

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   Attrib. Müller

Ref:116 NM

Watercolour attributed to William Müller 1812 - 1845
27 x 18 cms

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   Woodland cartoon

Ref. 117 NM

Watercolour cartoon of man in a cloth cap
Woodland, Bristol artist working around 1920
6 x 23 cms

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   John Sell Cotman

Ref:121a US

Extensive landscape with man on a pony crossing a stone bridge over a stream, a windmill on a hill beyond. A range of hills in the distance with a cloudy summer sky.
25 x 32 cms framed
Ref. 1995 British ...
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   David Cox

Ref: 123 IST

British - 1783 - 1859
24.5 x 35.5 cm 10 x 14 ins
Watercolour - Unfinished sketch of tree
Provenance: from the sale of effects of Sir George Kinitch. of Whetson, Edgbaston - uncle of Neville Chamberlain

Born in Birmingham in 1783, Cox was ...
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   Richard Wilson

Ref:133 RT

1713 - 1782. cf. Hadrians Wall.
Original in Tate Gallery on loan from National Gallery.Dianne Perkins, curator at the Tate Britain considers this picture to be a very good 19th cent. copy
Wilson, Richard (i)
(b Penegoes, Montgoms [now in Powys],1713 or ...
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   Ronald Ossory Dunlop SOLD

Ref: 134 MTT

Coastal scene landscape Cornwall
Signed. 19 --.
35 x 47 cms
Ronald Ossory Dunlop NEAC RA RBA (1894-1973)
Ronald Ossory Dunlop was born in Dublin in 1894. His mother, Eleanor Dunlop (née Fitzpatrick) was a watercolour artist and his father, Daniel Nicol Dunlop ...
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   Ronald Ossory Dunlop SOLD

Ref: 135 MTT

Painting on reverse. Signed. 19 --.
1894 -1973
50 x 35 cms
Ronald Ossory Dunlop NEAC RA RBA (1894-1973)
Ronald Ossory Dunlop was born in Dublin in 1894. His mother, Eleanor Dunlop (née Fitzpatrick) was a watercolour artist and his father, Daniel Nicol Dunlop ...
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   Ronald Ossory Dunlop SOLD

Ref: 136 MTT

Signed. 19---
Ronald Ossory Dunlop NEAC RA RBA (1894-1973)
42 x 27 cms
Ronald Ossory Dunlop was born in Dublin in 1894. His mother, Eleanor Dunlop (née Fitzpatrick) was a watercolour artist and his father, Daniel Nicol Dunlop (1868-1935), was a great friend of ...
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   Raglan Castle

Ref. 137 ST

Raglan Castle
Attrib. Nickolson
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   Botanical specimens

Ref: 14a MN

Botanical specimens
24 x 30 cms

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   Minature portrait

Ref:171 AC

Rectangular minature portrait of a pensive gentleman wearing a green jacket and jewelled waistcoat.
Signed NC     8 cms. Gilt frame. 19th century.

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   Grey stone inn

Ref: 2 NM

Grey stone Inn with hill in the background reminiscent of ? Derbyshire ? Wales
32 x 21 cms

Initials on verso  JVS/JKS
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   Pen and watercolour

Ref: 200 NM

Pen and watercolour drawing
Horse with driver and coal carriage with four riders
18th century English
Georgian watermark
14 x 19 cms

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   Watercolour two goats

Ref. 201 MN

Two goats 18th century
20 x 19.5 cms

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   watercolour wash

Ref: 202 NM

Watercolour wash
27.5 x 23 cms

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Ref: 215 AT

Mediteranean street scene with bridge across the street joining two houses
Verso: pencil, pen and ink sketch of a similar street scene

'Purchased by Mr Lewis Whitworth from Christies during the 1920's and presented to Mabel Fredericke

Saleroom nº DD73

SIgned Diaz
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   Attrib. Wilson Steer

Ref: 236 NM

Sea and sky scape
Compare with Wilson Steer
20 x 27 cms

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   Copy of JMW Turner

Ref: 25 NM

Petworth period
Cloudy sunset over the lake
c 1828
18 x 12 cms

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   JJ Audubon

Ref: 250 MTTT

Audubon Bird Prints 25

Loose, colored lithograph plates from the octavo edition of "Birds of North
America, each approx
6-3/4" x 10-1/2.
Drawn from nature by J. J. Audubon,
lithograph printed and colored by J. T. Bowen, Philadelphia

Plates 16, 41, 46, 131, 132, 133, ...
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   English School

Ref: 3 NM

Watercolour / wash  preparatory sketch with pencil instructions (indistinct)
Gabled roof tops
English School
12 x 21.5 cms

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Ref: 30 NM

Tree with full foliage
Inscribed on verso
Charlton June1 1875
25 x 18 cms

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Ref: 33 NM

Design for Monument with crest
Against wall
13 x 25 cms

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   Attrib. Peter de Wint

Ref: 37 NM

Coloured sketch on blue paper
Peter de Wint
? Levens Hall
15 x 24 cms

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Ref: 38 NM

Watercolour landscape
11 x 8 cms

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   Preliminary sketch

Ref. 4/5 NM

Watercolour/wash preparatory sketch
Seated young girl in dress. Face not completed
sketch of man in suit with walking cane
Verso: landscape with bridge and river
11 x 14 cms
circa 1850
Ex Abbott & Holder

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   Attrib. James Holland

Ref. 42/42a NM

Watercolour landscape attributed to James Holland
Painting on verso Mid eastern scene of building with minaret and shepherd with flock of goats
14 x 20.5 cms

b Burslem, Staffs, 18 Oct 1799; d London, 12 Feb 1870). English painter. As a boy he was ...
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   English School

Ref: 44 NM

Seated lady in a red cloak wearing a black bonnet
English school circa 1830
28.5 x 17.5 cms
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   Still life

Ref: 46 NM

Still life: Book and basket
Possibly by the hand of Peter  de Wint

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   David Cox snr

Ref: 48 NM

Watercolour in black and white
Cottage with a standing figure
David Cox snr
Watermark JR 1822
22 x 14 cms
(b Birmingham, 29 April 1783; d Harborne, 7 June 1859). English painter. After taking drawing lessons from Joseph Barber (1757/8–1811) in Birmingham, Cox worked briefly ...
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Ref: 49 NM

Lake surrounded by hills
Wier in the centre
Inscription top left  unreadable
22 x 14 cms

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   Attrib. Nicholas Pocock

Ref: 50 NM

Watercolour black and white
Attrib.  Nicholas Pocock, English Romantic
24 x 15 cms

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   Middle eastern landscape

Ref: 51 NM

Middle Eastern Landscape with sea and sand with castle and minaret.
28 x 12 cms
Inscribed J 'J' Q

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   Preliminary Landscape

Ref. 53 NM

Preliminary painting with instructions. 'drawn from nature Dr Davison'
Signature unreadable
Clouds and sea
11.5 x 17.5 cms

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   Sepia wash

Ref: 54 NM

Sepia wash
Two separate scenes - stage sets
Watermark G & R Turner 1826
18.5 x 22 cms

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Ref. 56 NM

Watercolour sketch wooded landscape and stile
13 x 11 cms

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Ref: 58 NM

Rocky inlet with turret overlooking a lake
20 x 25 cms
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Ref: 60 NM

Sunrise Brocken, Body colour
English School  circa 1860
24.5 x 17 cms

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Ref: 61 NM

Lakeside,with dark clouds. Blue wash
18th century
23 x 18.5 cms
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   The Reverend William Henry Barnard

Ref: 62 NM

Monochrome wash
Church on a hill
29 x 21 cms

The reverend William Henry Barnard 1767-1818
A talented amateur pupil of John Baptist Malchair at Oxford
He matriculated at Pembroke College June 22 1790. He becme a Batchelor Civil Laws 1797 and was of an Irish ...
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Ref:64 NM

Rocky outcrop on edge of lake
38 x 27.5 cms
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Ref: 66 NM

English School circa 1830 influence of De Wint
26 x 18 cms

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Ref: 67 NM

Landscape with tree and wall with gate
Sepia tint
35 x 23 cms

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   George Barrett Jnr

Ref:68 NM

George Barrett Jnr
Watercolour,Beachy Head 1802
26.5 x 19 cms

Also inscribed Thomas Girtin

George was the son of celebrated landscape painter George Barret Snr. (1732–84), a founder member of the Royal Academy, established in 1769. In addition, both George’s brother James and sister Mary ...
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   John Varley

Ref: 7 NM

Inscribed: Distant view of Shap Westmorland near John Varley
Sepia wash with three trees in foreground
Pencil name on verso ? Girtin
21 x 14 cms
John Varley
b London, 17 Aug 1778; d London, 17 Nov 1842. Painter and draughtsman. At the age of 15 ...
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   Knole Abbey

Ref: 72 NM

Original pencil and sepia wash
Inscribed Knole Abbey
Paper watermark. JWhatman, Turkey Mill 1840
Handmade paper
36 x 26 cms
The same J Whatman’s paper was used for the third and fourth issue (1873/4) of the first stamp ever produced in Portuguese India and was watermarked ...
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   Attrib. John Middleton

Ref: 75 NM

Botanical painting of thistles
Attributed to John Middleton noted for his studies of plants and grasses
31 x 21 cms

(b Norwich, 9 Jan 1827;
d Norwich, 11 Nov 1856). English painter and etcher. His father, John Middleton
(d 1848), was a painter and ...
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   Attrib. William Payne

Ref: 77 NM

Watercolour blue grey
Rocky coast with bridge and entrance to a castle
Attributed to William Payne

(b Plymouth, c. 1760;
d London, after 1830). English painter and drawing-master. He may have been brought up in Derbyshire. In 1776 he exhibited an untitled landscape at ...
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   J Simpson of Kelvedon

Ref: 78 NM

Seated lady in costume
Inscribed on verso  J Simpson of Kelvedon 1905
Exhibited 1887-1926  D1  G12 L1 NS18 NEA 9   RA  RBA 4  ING 79
37 x 28 cms

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Ref:79 NM

Sunny woodland glade 1860
37 x 27 cms

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   Circle of Samuel Palmer

Ref: 8 NM

Watercolour sepia tint
Woodland cottage, two figures
Watermark 1823
Circle of Samuel Palmer
23.5 x 18 cms
(b Newington, London, 27 Jan 1805; d Redhill, Surrey, 24 May 1881). English painter, draughtsman and etcher. Palmer was a key figure of English Romantic painting who represented, at ...
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Ref:80 NM

Country scene with wooden table
28 x 22 cms

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Ref: 81 NM

Gnarled tree and stile
20 x 31 cms

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Ref: 82 NM

Alpine landscape with river rushing down.
One fisherman perched on a rock with a goat.
One figure on horseback in distance with standing man.Cottage in middle distance
44 x 27 cms

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Ref: 85 NM

Purple hills and rocks
25 x 18 cms

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Ref: 86 NM

Watercolour wash
Farmbuildings and water barrel with water pump
29 x 39 cms

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   Castle Campbell

Ref: 87 NM

Watercolour grey - blue wash
Inscribed Castle Campbell
37.5 x 27.5 cms

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   Attrib. Thomas Girtin

REf: 89 NM

Watercolour attributed to Thomas Girtin
Italianate Landscape with rocky outcrop in the foreground. Blue grey washes
typical of the 'Monro School'. Influenced by John Robert Cozens
Signed Girtin from Coles on verso.
This could be a reference to E.Horseman Coles an early 20th century
collector who ...
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   Attrib.Samuel Prout

Ref: 9 NM

Scene of the vaulted entrance of a church. Two figures in conversation
Watercolour with pen and ink
Attrib. to Samuel Prout
17 x 14.5 cms

(b Plymouth, 17 Sept 1783; d London, 10 Feb 1852). Painter, draughtsman and writer. Together with his fellow pupil Benjamin ...
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   Attrib. Paul Sanby

Ref: 90 NM

Barnard Castle, Durham, Paul Sanby

37 x 26 cms

(b Nottingham, Jan 1731; d London, 7 Nov 1809). Painter, draughtsman, printmaker and drawing-master, brother of (1) Thomas Sandby. He received his early training from his older brother and in March 1747 followed him ...
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